Monday, 2 September 2013

Body Adornment

So some of you may have noticed I have been rather busy listing loads of new beads. Most of these are 'part glazed' As in I fired them once, glazed them with a matt glaze then fired them again. Unfortunately half of the colours burnt out at the super high temperature I fire to. But all was not lost and I was able to paint over with Gilders Paste no problems. I  have decided that I prefer the finish on the beads and in future I will be part-glazing most of my beads. Here are photos of just some of the new work in my shop...

Spiky Demon Wings

Dusted bell shape

I like the contrast of materials on these bells with the metal beads...

Cymbal beads, I was going to list these as just the two orange ones but the blue purple one snuck in there  - he goes so well and made the orange stand out beautifully. Again using some metal beads as clappers...I think they are pewter but I never know with metal. 

Some of the newer work is pinned together with the wire hook. When I was a thrower I loved to make teapots because you make it in segments. So you throw the body, the foot ring, the lid and the spout and then turn and scrape to fit it all together...then the handle is pulled from a lump of clay...left to dry a bit, chopped and attached to the finished pot. It is all about timing and measuring. I'm pretty certain these beads will evolve into something insanely huge and quirky, if they havn't already

 Aren't these elegant ?

The clapper on this one is made from five beads all stuck together before firing. I might have to take pics of it with the stacked beads on top as well because they look really grand like that. The gold doesn't cover the whole surface of these, I put a wash of white onto the black ceramic, then orange and just hints of gold. The photo's don't seem to show the contrast and depth in the painted surface. I find gold difficult to photograph especially on black clay.

This one is also connected with wire, it isn't rigid but bends and moves a little when pressed. I love the rusty quality. I am tempted to use fibre on my beads ...maybe just a bit here or there to contrast the textures...hhmmm...

I'm not sure what this one is...haha...but look at him go...I made three of these and I may have to keep one because they are insanely stunning. I don't know how sale able they are but there are two roaming around loose in the shop.

In other news I got my Ceramic Review in the post and look what I found...

This incredible work is by Marie Pendaries it is titled 'La dot' and made from Porcelain in 2008.

Artist: Peter Hoogeboom Title 'Spanish Collar'

The article is about an exhibition in Gardiner Museum, Toronto, 'A bit of clay on the skin: New Ceramic Jewellery'  Twenty artists from all over the world show over 140 pieces of body adornment.
With out giving too much away and breaking copyright it speaks of the influences on jewellery, historical, cultural, etc. 
So that was interesting and inspiring. And I thought some of my beads were 'mammoth' ha!

Oh and did you know if you are registered as self-employed artist in the UK that craft magazine subscriptions are fully deductible for tax!!! I have only just found this out...yikes...I wish I could backdate that!


  1. Beautiful new work and I love your mammoth style !!

    1. mammoth beads are super fun to you well know :)

  2. these are glorious. your work is always so inspiring.

  3. Interesting that the half-glazed look works so well with gilder's paste. Your work is divine.

    1. Thanks. I think the layer of matte glaze creates a layer of colour that is fused to the ceramic then adding the wax on top seems to give additional depth.

  4. wonderful creative shapes, love them!

  5. so in love with your new work. the squids are the coolest! and can't wait to hear the bells & cymbals ;)