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Friday, 28 March 2014

10 Years of Clay

Hello all! The last few months I have been otherwise distracted from my bloggedy blogging, however if you want more regular updates as well then follow me on twitter @RaggedRobyn

Last night I was having a Facebook natter with Kim of Numinosity and I realised I have been specialised in clay for 10 years now. Someone once told me that it gets in your blood! Well that would be alarming wouldn't it!! Mud in your blood! YIKES...

I thought seeing as I'm always going on about uni etc, that perhaps I should share some of my works history with you so you can get an idea of my development as an artist. I recently came across some photos that show me as a young whipper snapper and a few of odds and bobs I have made, about four projects altogether. Unfortunately I cannot find any pics of my thrown work, so perhaps that is for another time.

So...with no further ado.... prepare to be flabbergasted, dumnfounded and possibly alarmed by the ceramics shenanigans and goings ons...
and excuse the 'happy snappy' photography ;)

SLAB JUGS with oxide. The top right one was the very first pot I ever made. I was 16 yrs old

Me being DRAMATIC (for costume design)...those were also my first dreadies, not many photos of those frizzy fella's. I was never very good at sewing, never had much patience with it. Also I am all knuckles and not always good with fiddly work.

I think this was my first uni project - it was meant to be like a butterfly on the pebbly beach of a river...just  passing by....(gross brown glaze, should of done a matt grey) 

All these African water pot inspired terracotta knobbly pots were made in the first year of my degree... so I was 18 yrs old...always loved the squishy finger printy quality of mud :)

DOUBLE snout pots...with nipples

BIG nipple pot!

OUT for a wander

Pondering LIFE
(The red is handmade felt inlay-ed into a groove)

I have done a lot of 2D works on the figure and somehow even now the human form inspires the beads and jewelry I make....MORE on that in my next blog.

Studio shot of one of my earlier figures

Final Exhibition day

And this is me in a Saga friend Bex (who owned it) was not impressed when she seen this photo. AH WELL, we are still good friends now and the pot survived the weight of my scrawny limbs and second set of dreads - I'm on my third set now.

So there you have it. Of course there is millions more but I cant find the discs with the photos on and I'm hungry and I hope your not too bored after that...must go make venison stew :)

See ya!

Monday, 6 January 2014


Sat on my cushion looking out at the trees naked twigs waving to me, it's wet out there, everything drips. The neighbours chimney smoke blows over the twiggy woods. I still have Christmas chocolate on my desk and I dip my fingers into the dusty contents. The cat has come in, sprinkled with rain she rubs her face on mine. Purr purr purr. 
Spitting chocolate dust and cat hair is not a great look! 

In the tin roofed studio it can be cold, I wrap up in at least two layers on me legs, three layers of tops and up to four jumpers as well. I'm only tiny so my body doesn't seem to hold heat for long. Nothing like the super duper freezing temperatures many are putting up with in the States!!! I even heard about the US weather on my local radio news station! Everyone complaining about the flights being cancelled for a day...makes me giggle. Some people want to get on a plane even when the company running it and taking the money tells them it isn't safe! 
Working on a new line of pendants made with strips of textured clay. I'm in love with a section of antique's texture seems to end up on nearly everything.

Yesterday I listed some more bundles mostly from previous work...

These raggedy fella's...

And a super simple silent bell necklace that Iv been meaning to list for ages now....

Also done a bit of fusing with my new butane torch. Made about six loops of a chain and I reckon I'm a genius~! Mega star! Haha
SOOOO much fun!