Monday, 6 January 2014


Sat on my cushion looking out at the trees naked twigs waving to me, it's wet out there, everything drips. The neighbours chimney smoke blows over the twiggy woods. I still have Christmas chocolate on my desk and I dip my fingers into the dusty contents. The cat has come in, sprinkled with rain she rubs her face on mine. Purr purr purr. 
Spitting chocolate dust and cat hair is not a great look! 

In the tin roofed studio it can be cold, I wrap up in at least two layers on me legs, three layers of tops and up to four jumpers as well. I'm only tiny so my body doesn't seem to hold heat for long. Nothing like the super duper freezing temperatures many are putting up with in the States!!! I even heard about the US weather on my local radio news station! Everyone complaining about the flights being cancelled for a day...makes me giggle. Some people want to get on a plane even when the company running it and taking the money tells them it isn't safe! 
Working on a new line of pendants made with strips of textured clay. I'm in love with a section of antique's texture seems to end up on nearly everything.

Yesterday I listed some more bundles mostly from previous work...

These raggedy fella's...

And a super simple silent bell necklace that Iv been meaning to list for ages now....

Also done a bit of fusing with my new butane torch. Made about six loops of a chain and I reckon I'm a genius~! Mega star! Haha
SOOOO much fun!


  1. Yes. Genius. Beautiful bundles.
    How do you work dressed up like the Michelin man? I hope you have a heater. Not good to work with cold hands.

    1. I do have a heater but it isn't enough for me, I can make beads as long as i can wriggle my fingers, which are normally warm from all the wriggling...unlike the rest of me, wasting away on the chair :/

  2. love your new work Robyn and your blog looks so the fact that you got a go girl three times over....
    we have a chilly 68 degrees here today...sigh...

    1. We are 48 degrees here, not too bad considering how Scotland has been with snow. The rest of the UK is flooded atm.
      So much fun with the torch, mainly working on new beads just now x

  3. I'm always enjoying seeing what you come up with next, Robyn. Beautiful work, and I have to bundle up to work in my studio too.

  4. Your work is soooo amazing. You have a new follower!!